Not Today, Fred

People say love conquers all…but can it defeat a cloud of depression with a name and a mission to demoralize?

Despite his many assets, James Wright has been living for a long time under a cloud of depression he calls Fred. Fred undermines James’s self-esteem and forces him to use humor to mask his pain. Fred even makes him imagine committing suicide. But when James asks out his kindhearted coworker, Alexis, he quickly notices that Fred’s power over him is beginning to wane.

Fred no longer bothers him, giving James the freedom to enjoy his time with Alexis. But his newfound bliss starts to dissolve when James realizes Alexis might have baggage of her own. With Fred threatening to come back with a vengeance and his old support system breaking down, James has to find somewhere new to turn for the support he needs—himself.

He must learn what it really means to be happy and what parts others must play in his journey to get there.

Paperback and eBook copies are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and anywhere books are sold! Links below.

Paperback and eBook copies of Not Today, Fred are available online and in stores.